Say It First

Indigenous Language Revitalization

Recommended for 4-6 year olds.

Peacock gets left out of the picnic and has her feelings hurt. Peacock ends up saving the day for all of the birds when the rain threatens to wreck the picnic. It turns out she has a special gift.

This book helps to introduce concepts around bullying prevention for an early age group. The other birds didn’t include Peacock in their picnic and left her alone to cry, her feelings were hurt. Owl recognized this dilemma and invited Peacock to their own picnic. Exclusion is a painful part of bullying a lot of people do not consider. Owl recognized Peacock had her feelings hurt and took action to include her.

The Wet Picnic:

The Wet Picnic in Maliseet

The Wet Picnic in Maliseet

The Wet Picnic in Mi'Kmaw

The Wet Picnic in Mi'Kmaq