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Indigenous Language Revitalization

Microsoft’s Translator Hub

Translator Hub

This is the game changer in Language revitalisation that SayITFirst is most excited about.

Microsoft has collaborated with us to participate in a project which, when complete, will allow the Native Language to be translated into or from the top 130 languages spoken in the world to an accuracy level around 96%. This ability will allow us to populate limitless content through the power of computing, with no extra time required except a light editing function.

The potential to go voice to text or text to voice is the logical progression once this work is complete.

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The Elders Speak

Brent Tookenay-CEO of Seven Generations Educational Institute


“SayITFirst has been a real catalyst for Seven Generations Educational Institute and our partnership with the Rainy River District School Board.  It has allowed us to become a driving force in the revitalization of Native Languages.”

Mike & Mary Ito
Mike and Mary Ito, host of CBC Radio, Fresh Air